Viewing room

Linking live video images to a viewing room

Students, trainee doctors and other interested parties can learn a great deal by watching specialists at work. We can set up and equip special viewing rooms to make this possible without disturbing the specialists! Today's technology is of such high quality that medical procedures can be filmed down to the tiniest details.

Strategically positioned cameras in the treatment room (such as an operating theatre) allow students and trainee doctors to view the procedure in the multifunctional room, training room or auditorium and, if required, listen to your “commentary”. Obviously, live communication can take place with the moderator in the viewing room via an “in-ear” solution.

Dubbele Projectie

In the past it was difficult, if not impossible, to display the different resolutions, digital and analogue signals and different image proportions without loss of quality on duplicate monitors. Modern technology has now made that possible in combination with clearly understandable audio. The organisation can choose to store the recorded images in low quality at the same time in order to minimise the storage space required on the network.

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