Meeting up or brainstorming in an informal atmosphere

You want to just sit down to read something in comfortable surroundings? Or take your mind off things with a game? Or simply engage in discussion or brainstorming with a colleague? All of this is possible in the lounge. And naturally you have the right equipment at your disposal. With BIS|Econocom you can create the right infrastructure and facilities for constructive relaxation.

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While you briefly relax and collect your thoughts in the lounge, you are kept informed of the latest news, weather and traffic information, share prices, public transport timetables, company announcements, birthdays, etc. by the large LCD/LED displays on the walls or a stylish video wall. BIS|Econocom implements the intelligent and user-friendly software in your IT systems so that the information you want to share is displayed in real time. This solution makes it possible to distribute any type of information from your information systems in next to no time to the display(s) of your choice; even when they are integrated in your lounge.


The PresenTable - our handy combination of an interactive table and multifunctional touch screen - is an excellent application for your lounge. Thanks to the powerful technology platform, your table suddenly also contributes to your brainstorming sessions and consultations. With a single press on the tabletop, you open applications, make notes, retrieve information and can process and/or share this information. And of course you can also play a game if you want.

Do you want to distribute information quickly and effectively? And allow your employees to relax in an informal setting? And help your staff to recharge their batteries and go back to work with increased motivation?

You can achieve all of this by asking BIS|Econocom to equip and furnish your lounge.

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