Company restaurant

Informing and motivating in your company restaurant

Providing information, entertaining and motivating. That is what you want to achieve for your staff. And your company restaurant can play a role here. For example by offering your employees and guests the possibility of checking the latest news, reading company announcements, seeing whose birthday it is, etc. via generously sized, thin large-format displays and/or a video wall in your company restaurant or canteen. You can do this during their (lunch) break, or at any other time if you wish.

Our BIS ID solution for simply and rapidly distributing information in an attractive way in your company restaurant and/or canteen and on LCD/LED screens and video walls is a highly professional system. The intelligent BIS ID software allows you to distribute your information to the locations of your choosing at the time of your choosing. Obviously, different announcements such as staff days, project information, training courses, welcome messages, birthdays, weather & traffic news and daily menus can be shown one after the other. Rapidly and effectively, with BIS ID.


What really makes BIS ID stand out is the BIS ID content runner. This facility allows you to distribute all sorts of information from your information systems to the display(s) of your choice in no time at all and whenever you want. The type of database (information system) and structure does not matter. Ideal for displaying timetable changes in schools, for example. But hospitals and clinics, government agencies, museums, retail chains and other organisations also benefit from BIS ID, for example for displaying schedules, queueing information, announcements, promotions, daily menus, flight plans, welcome messages and/or company information.

Do you also want to inform, motivate and entertain your staff and visitors in your company restaurant and canteen? BIS|Econocom achieves this for you!

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