Coffee corner

How much information do you want with your coffee

Feeling the need to recharge with a cup of coffee? And do you want to check the latest news, company announcements, birthdays, etc. on the large displays while you wait? All of this is possible! BIS|Econocom is your partner for a perfect coffee corner set-up with screens, multimedia walls, digital signage, lounge furniture, etc.

BIS ID is our digital signage solution for quickly and easily distributing information without devoting a disproportionate amount of time to this activity. Including distributing information to your coffee corner. The user-friendly software allows you to display the information that you input anywhere you want and at the time of your choosing with a press of a button. Different kinds of information can be distributed in this way such as information about staff days, project information, courses, welcome messages, birthdays, weather & traffic information and daily menus.


Our BIS ID content runner truly differentiates us from others as it allows you to distribute all sorts of information from your information systems to the display unit(s) of your choice in no time at all and whenever you want, regardless of the type of database (information system) and structure. For example, you can display welcome messages, waiting queue information, timetable changes, promotions, daily menus, flight plans and company information with minimum effort. Ideal for all sectors of activity ranging from hospitals to government agencies and from museums to retail chains.

The VisionTable is an ideal solution for a meeting area such as a coffee corner. This innovative total concept with an integrated touch display is a perfect solution for consulting colleagues concisely, flexibly and interactively and exchanging ideas. You take a seat on one of the high, comfortable stools at the table. With a single press of a button, you switch the display to your laptop computer, which is connected to the cable management system integrated in the table. An informal discussion with your colleague can start straight away!

Do you want to distribute information rapidly and effectively to your coffee corner? And help your staff to recharge their batteries and go back to work with increased motivation? You can achieve this with BIS|Econocom.

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