Church hall

The best solutions for your church and community building

Most church buildings are of poor acoustic design, making it difficult to hear speech and music clearly and audibly. In spite of the fact that clarity and audibility are so important for church services and other gatherings. BIS|Econocom employs expert advisers who are capable of designing optimal sound amplification systems for your church.

In addition to audio systems, recording equipment can also be installed. This allows you to record and archive your audio. Furthermore, images and audio can also be streamed directly to other rooms or to the Internet for people who cannot attend the service or gathering. And obviously, you want the hard of hearing to also participate as effectively as possible in the service. We are your partner for installing a hearing loop for the hard of hearing.

BIS|Econocom is also the right partner for displaying images in your church. For example, high-end projectors can be used to clearly display songs and texts for all of those present. And installing an LCD screen in the coffee area for administrative announcements is also one of the many options available. All of the equipment in the church can be operated centrally from an intelligent control panel.

BIS|Econocom is the right address for a complete range of equipment for your church and community building.

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