Auditorium and lecture theatre

Powerful and convincing presentations in your auditorium

A professional auditorium requires special solutions. A large number of people must be able to hear and see the presentation clearly. An outstanding audio system, professional image reproduction and user-friendly controls are indispensable. In addition, a proper stage and attractive and functional (stage) lighting are hardly unnecessary luxuries in an auditorium.

Audio: acoustic measurement, simulation and advice

Due to the size of a professional auditorium, choosing the right audio system is a very important but also complex task. To prevent sound from being reflected by the floor and ceiling and acoustic coupling via the microphone, BIS|Econocom can perform an extensive audio audit beforehand and test the proposed solution in a simulated environment.

Always in focus with high-end projection

Because of the sheer size and amount of light entering the space, displaying images in an auditorium often requires specific projection solutions. BIS|Econocom has a wide variety of projectors from leading brands in its product range that are particularly suited for this type of environment. These projectors are based on high quality technology and characterised by their high resolutions and luminosity (more than 10,000 ANSE lumen).

Optimum ease of operation for maximum convenience

Needless to say, BIS|Econocom also makes it possible to operate all the equipment in the auditorium from behind your lectern. Separate remote controls are no longer necessary; a single control panel takes care of all functions. Such as starting the projector and DVD player, amplifying the audio feed, closing the curtains and dimming the lights. These control systems are attractively designed and can easily be integrated in your lectern, desktop or wall.

Are you planning to equip an auditorium? BIS|Econocom is your reliable partner.

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