Assembly hall

A versatile, multi-purpose assembly hall is now within reach

An assembly hall can be equipped and used in many ways. The most common uses for assembly halls are as places where pupils can meet during their breaks and as a location for group activities, for (Christmas) theatre productions or for school parties. BIS|Econocom offers flexible audiovisual solutions that allow you to support and make a success of these different uses.

A powerful audio system is indispensable in an assembly hall

Any location where large numbers of school pupils or other groups of people come together is noisy. A professional sound system is an absolute necessity when you want to address all of these pupils intelligibly. BIS|Econocom supplies a variety of powerful audio systems that guarantee you will be heard; ranging from wireless, mobile microphone sets to complete permanent systems for amplifying speech and music. Obviously, you can also rely on BIS|Econocom for integration of public address and evacuation systems.

Image displays that nobody can overlook

In addition to sound, visual displays are also very important in an assembly hall. Due to the size of the average assembly hall, using high-end projectors is hardly an unnecessary luxury. BIS|Econocom offers these powerful projectors in a range of several different models from different brands. They are ideal for large spaces and provide perfect visual displays with high-resolution clarity for visitors to your assembly hall. We also advise you on the right projection screen for optimally displaying your information and presentations; ranging from mobile to fixed screens and from manually operated to electrically operated projection screens.

Professional stages & lighting provide the finishing touches

Your assembly hall would not be complete without a stage and stage lighting. BIS|Econocom offers all of these items and will be delighted to draw up a complete lighting plan for you. Obviously equipped with a user-friendly control system.

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