Video conferencing room

Borderless meetings in the perfect video conferencing room

Modern life is characterised by countless meetings and reports. In a video conferencing room, you combine the speed of telephone contact with the undeniable power of images. Within 3 seconds, you can set up a meeting with people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, or with people in a different building in the same city. From behind your desk, in your own environment! The quality is so good that the person you are addressing could be in the same room.

Several important components must be considered when creating the perfect video conferencing room. Not just from a technological point of view, but also to ensure the right experience. Firstly, a video conferencing room requires good lighting, ideally in combination with a light-reflective table so that the meeting participants' faces are evenly lit. The unique design of our video conferencing tables ensures that everybody is perfectly visible for the other party. If you want to equip several different rooms within your organisation for video conferencing, we advise you to install exactly the same interior in each of these rooms. This strengthens the feeling of sitting together in the same room and creates greater solidarity.

Furthermore, easy-to-operate equipment is of great importance, regardless of whether you use a high-end video system or simply use the video conference facility on your iPad. BIS|Econocom can advise and support you in this area.

Would you like to see how the perfect video conferencing room looks in practice? Please make an appointment to visit our showroom!

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