Meeting room

The BIS|Econocom meeting room: efficient meetings in the right ambiance

Nearly everybody in nearly all organisations knows how important it is to share information with each other in a structured and efficient way. A brief discussion with direct colleagues, a team meeting about project progress, structured management meetings and important board meetings are just a few examples of meetings that play a crucially important role in structuring work activities, managing day-to-day business and determining long-term strategy.

As the recognised specialist for your meeting room, BIS|Econocom creates effective audiovisual solutions and the right ambiance for efficient meetings. In addition to providing expert advice on what is and is not suitable for your meeting room, we supply products of superior quality, which we install in your meeting room to create an attractive, smoothly integrated system. For example, beamers (projectors), LCD and LED screens (including the interactive touch variants) and sound amplification, but also conference systems, control panels and cable management.


Furthermore, connectivity plays a major role in your meeting rooms. We can equip your meeting room with the right solution for connecting your choice of source appliances to the central equipment, either wirelessly or via cables. You can retrieve and discuss the required data in both full-screen and split-screen displays.

A good meeting room offers the right ambiance and is equipped with top-quality systems that allow participants to hold meetings without disruption. We would be glad to offer advice.

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