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Discussion, debate and digital reporting in your council chamber


Sharing information with all of the stakeholders is important in all sectors, but particularly so at the level of national and municipal government. Debate and discussion are key activities in our political system, but often require much time and persistence.

By combining discussion systems from BIS|Econocom with image display and sound systems, you can achieve maximum functionality and flexibility during meetings, conferences and seminars. Because most of the discussion systems offered by BIS|Econocom can be extended to include voice functionality, the discussion posts from BIS|Econocom are a perfect solution for a council chamber where (interactive) voting is a requirement. Our wireless IR systems are particularly interesting as there is no risk of loss of service due to “crowding” on the WiFi frequency band.

Do you want to display an image of the speaker in the council room? That too is no problem. The automatic camera system ensures that the right speaker always appears on screen at the right time. Saving, archiving and playing back recordings of meetings, conferences and seminars in the council chamber is also possible. Thanks to our recording equipment, you can store, archive and play back both sound recordings and visual footage. In addition, distributing (live) recordings via Internet is no problem!

raadzaal gemeente raadzaal met flexibel meubilair

BIS|Econocom is the right address for a complete range of equipment for your council chamber.

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