Consultation room

Conducting effective and efficient consultations

A carefully furnished and equipped consultation room adds significant value for brief and more lengthy consultations. Regardless of whether a consultation lasts for 10 minutes or for more than an hour, a consultation room must feel comfortable and be fitted out with the right audiovisual equipment for displaying images and producing high-quality audio. BIS|Econocom generally equips consultation rooms with generously dimensioned, often interactive, large-format displays to present different types of information and images from your network, PC, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone in perfect focus.

Properly equipped, modern consultation rooms are a welcome addition to existing meeting facilities in all industries and sectors. Whether you are a lawyer, who wishes to discuss a case with your client, or you are a specialist in geriatric medicine, who wishes to discuss a number of patients during a multidisciplinary consultation, you want to share and visualise information in a fast, structured and high-impact manner. And the equipment must be capable of handling both simple Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations and more complex tasks such as retrieving information from a database or the electronic patient record.

Ease of operation is also characteristic of a properly equipped consultation room. Using an intuitive and user-friendly (touch) control panel, you control the complete audiovisual system in your consultation room. And more! Obviously, you can also switch between sources, control the volume and dim the lights via the control panel. A cable cubby can be integrated in the meeting table to allow convenient connection of laptop computers, document cameras and other input sources to the audiovisual system. In addition, you can include a movement sensor to switch your lighting on and off automatically.

In a nutshell: come to BIS|Econocom for a functional consultation room that allows effective and efficient consultation based on excellent information availability and large-format displays.

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