Optimising the office experience of Adecco

In Amsterdam-Zuidoost, on the outskirts of the industrial and shopping area, The Adecco Group launched its new Amsterdam Career HUB. This renovated office building combines three entities of the HR service provider: Adecco, Ajilon and Badenoch & Clark. Active workplaces and consultation and meeting rooms are shared for the sake of efficiency and flexibility. BIS’s audio-visual installations are actively used to promote cooperation and to promote the identity and pride of the various labels.

Beanbag, quiet room or large table

Partly because of the digitisation in the market, the branches of The Adecco Group are increasingly shifting from the shopping streets to the areas around them, where they can serve a regional function and where maximum accessibility is offered. This also applies to the new Career HUB, which was installed at the junction of the A2 and A9 in accordance with the latest insights at Adecco. People choose where they would like to work: in a creative environment on a beanbag, in a quiet room or at a large table with other colleagues.

Optimal employee and customer experience

This is supported by digital applications that make work easier. By turning the site into an experience hub, as an extension of the culture, Adecco is attracting more talent and keeping current employees even more involved. In order to be able to use the building as flexibly and efficiently as possible, LED screens have been installed in all rooms, replacing the traditional panelling of windows and walls. This makes it easy and fast to see the brand that is currently using a room. Ideally, employees’ devices should also be easy to connect. This ensures an optimal employee and customer experience.

Interactive and multidisciplinary collaboration

A large part of the consultation and meeting rooms is furnished in such a way that small groups can be consulted (briefly). In addition, three large meeting rooms with touchs creens are provided in the building for more extensive presentations and meetings and where interactive and multidisciplinary work can also be carried out. In these rooms, BIS also sought perfect coordination of wired and wireless technologies for maximum ease of use.

Smart room management system

Employees make reservations for all rooms using a smart room management system. Through this system, not only internal and external employees can be invited, but also visitors. This automatically creates a link with the right brand. As a result, the correct entity is immediately visible as soon as the meeting room is released. No manual operations are required. In the near future, employees will also be able to make reservations in their own Microsoft environment. These preparations have already been completed.

Accessible, welcoming and secure

When a reservation is made in the room management system, all participants automatically receive an invitation. Potential visitors receive a QR code at the same time for easy access to the building. The entrance hall has a digital reception where visitors can sign in and out. The Adecco employees automatically receive a message about this, so that they can ensure an optimal reception. In collaboration with the hostess. Visitors also receive a badge, which gives the employees of The Adecco Group optimal insight into who is in the building. This ensures additional safety, for example in the event of a calamity.

Optimal customer experience

An absolute eye-catcher in the entrance hall is the large video wall, made up of three 55-inch screens (140 cm) that are placed next to each other in a portrait arrangement. This video wall displays short messages, promotional videos, Twitter messages and current weather and traffic information, among other things. There is also the possibility of customising the wall for an optimal customer experience. For this purpose, The Adecco Group uses a BIS Content Management System (CMS), which is very easy to manage and structure.

Suitable for future developments

The building was taken into use in November 2016. The new way of cooperating and working, using the latest technology, is proving to be a success. A conscious choice was made for a renowned partner to engineer, assemble and maintain the audio-visual installations. Problems must be solved quickly and effectively. We found this partner in BIS. The technology that has been integrated into the Amsterdam Career HUB is more than suitable for optimising The Adecco Group’s processes in the coming years. In Amsterdam, but also in the other locations where we will be able to install similar systems in the future.

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