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In a boardroom, you want the best equipment available for efficient meetings and presentations. The equipment must be user-friendly and functional so that you can focus on the content of your meetings. Equally importantly, the chosen solutions have to do justice to the ambiance in your boardroom.

A boardroom must provide an environment in which the participants feel at ease and can move around comfortably. Finding the right products that suit your situation and goals and contribute to creating the perfect boardroom for your needs is our primary mission. BIS|Econocom is your partner for integrating LCD/LED displays, video walls, high-end projection solutions, audio systems and central controls. It goes without saying that we link and interface all of the items of equipment in your boardroom with each other to ensure problem-free and user-friendly operation.

And of course, connectivity also plays a key role in your boardroom set-up. We can equip your boardroom room with the right solution for connecting your choice of source appliances to the central equipment, either wirelessly or via cables. You can retrieve and discuss the required data in both full-screen and split-screen displays.

However, you require more than equipment alone to create the perfect boardroom. The meeting table, chairs, multimedia wall, other furniture and lighting are all indispensable elements of an optimally equipped boardroom. Consequently, BIS|Econocom is also your partner for theft-deterrent AV furniture, which neatly houses your equipment. Furthermore, our own furniture line (VisionLine) includes the perfect meeting table, multimedia wall, etc. for every situation.

In short: BIS|Econocom has all of the ingredients in house for creating your multifunctional and perfectly integrated boardroom from A to Z.

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