Waiting room

The right atmosphere in your waiting area

Do you have a reception hall, reception desk or waiting area in your building? If so, you can use this area to inform your visitors in an optimal manner. For example, by installing a flat panel display with the matching speaker set, the right wiring, wall connections and bracket to attach the screen to the wall.

And you use BIS ID narrowcasting software for maximum convenience and control of when and where you display information in your waiting area. You can display a message for your visitors, instruct them where to go or tell them more about your organisation, products and services. But obviously, you can also choose to “entertain” them by displaying news and current affairs.

The BIS ID system is a narrowcasting platform that differentiates itself from competitive products by combining versatile, user-friendly software with stylish hardware (LCD/LED screens, beamers, posts, etc.). BIS ID makes child's play of centrally formatting information in the right layout and creating a timetable to allow that information to be broadcast to as many locations as you want,fully automatically and at any time.

Furthermore, audio can create an atmosphere of excitement or tranquillity. It can make an open waiting area feel private or make time seem to pass more quickly while waiting. The right choice of audio has a significant effect on the atmosphere in your waiting area and how people experience it.

BIS|Econocom has the solution for the ideal combination of equipment in your waiting area. We would be glad to offer advice.

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