Win the attention of shoppers

Thanks to BIS ID, your customers no longer have to actively look for information; it is presented to them on a silver platter (figuratively speaking). With the digital signage solutions (narrowcasting) of BIS|Econocom you can anticipate this trend. You can make use of the latest options for managing your in-store campaigns and measure their effect.

Furthermore, you can link the campaigns to your cash register system in order to show complementary products and offers to stimulate sales. Are your sales of mincemeat continually below target? You can communicate your offer on an LCD screen behind your counter or at the entrance in less than 1 minute. Do you want to clear your stock of French wines? Communicate your special wine promotion in the supermarkets of your choice. You create a high-impact, convincing experience on the sales floor and in showrooms.

Led scherm

The BIS ID system is a narrowcasting platform that differentiates itself from competitive products by combining versatile, user-friendly software with stylish hardware (LCD/LED screens, beamers, posts, etc.). BIS ID makes child's play of centrally formatting information in the right layout and creating a timetable to allow that information to be broadcast to as many locations as you want, fully automatically and at any time.

We can provide any number of different examples, but our point should be clear. BIS ID makes your communication to-the-point, powerful and cost-effective. You add flexible efficiency to your range of instruments for winning your customers' and visitors' favour!

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