Attractive, impressive & convincing communication

The challenge is almost certainly a familiar one: how do I attract interested buyers to my showroom? What do I have to do to keep them in the showroom? What should I put in my showroom to bring latent needs to the surface? How do I stimulate and influence the sales process?

All familiar questions. Whether you are a car dealer, design kitchens or sell luxury yachts; you want to trigger your customers. You want your showroom to convince them of your added value and the power of your products. You want them to buy. From you! And you can achieve this; by using the right combination of audio, video and fragrances in your showroom, you have everything you need at hand to convince your visitors.

A video wall is one of the possibilities. A video wall is prominently visible, attracts attention and captures your potential customer's interest. An ideal tool for your showroom. With huge communication power. This is hardly surprisingly; failing to notice a wall of 9, 16 or 25 screens is almost impossible.

av showroom

Alternatively, how about focused audio for specific products? The Sound Shower plays your message (speech/music) in a clearly delineated area, and in that area only. The audio is clearly understandable at this location, but people close-by hear nothing. So there is no noise nuisance in other parts of your showroom.

Are you looking for an even greater impact? If so, you can combine practical visuals and inspiring audio with subtle fragrances. Because fragrances have a direct effect on your visitor's mood and behaviour, you can create a permanent positive association with your products.

Do you want to trigger visitors in your showroom? We will be glad to contribute our ideas.

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