Inform and entertain visitors while they wait

We live in a society where information plays a key role. We require the right information at the right time and in the right place in order to function. Mobile telephones, the Internet and information boards all respond strongly to this need and very large groups of people use these media to actively search for the information that is important to them at any given time.

The use of advanced narrowcasting systems at your reception desk allows you to present the exact information you want to display to your visitors at the time of your choosing. Simply, safely and rapidly. Queues too are a common phenomenon in many sectors. By integrating your software for queue management in the digital signage software supplied by BIS|Econocom (BIS ID), you create a versatile, efficient system for processing queues of people.


Thanks to the combination of queue management with BIS ID, you inform waiting visitors of the desk to which they should report via information screens or posts. By expanding this information to include other types of information and infotainment (e.g. instructions, weather and traffic updates, news items, etc.), you create a multifunctional information platform that simultaneously makes waiting a less stressful activity.

The BIS ID system is a narrowcasting platform that differentiates itself from competitive products by combining versatile, user-friendly software with stylish hardware (LCD/LED screens, beamers, posts, etc.). BIS ID makes child's play of centrally formatting information in the right layout and creating a timetable to allow that information to be broadcast to as many locations as you want, fully automatically and at any time.

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