Public architecture

Powerful communication in public spaces

In addition to our solutions for information transfer within buildings, BIS|Econocom is also your partner for special LED walls that allow you to communicate attractively, dynamically and digitally in public spaces and in large indoor venues.

Because BIS|Econocom exclusively collaborates with leading brands, we are capable of engineering versatile and professional solutions for public spaces that are characterised by ease-of-use and flexibility. When doing so, we take care of the total process for you by arranging initial specification and installation and then providing telephone support and preventive maintenance. You can even leave calculation of the wind load and/or required load-bearing capacity to our experts. And obviously, you can also rely on us to supply attractive content - high-quality visuals - because that is what it is all about at the end of the day. In public spaces as well.

LED walls/displays can be used in many different ways in public spaces. For example, digital posters, totems, city displays, digital billboards, etc. Communicating via large LED walls or slightly smaller LED displays is associated with many advantages such as the unusually extensive reach and quality of the content, which increases the attention value. Both stills and moving images can be displayed.

Do you want to communicate in an impressive manner in a public space? Rely on BIS|Econocom!

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