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ICT & Development

ICT and development: two terms which are literally at the very heart of the primary process of so many (if not all) organisations. Just look at how indispensable ICT technology has become: not only as a means of helping you and making your life and that of your colleagues easier but also as a means of ensuring the continued operation of your primary process.

Whether it is about planning software for a logistics company or the accessing of an EPD in the operating theatre… ICT is always of decisive importance. And in situations where standard ICT hardware and software cannot provide the solution, then we can of course program customised software and links (development) so that we can still come to your aid in a non-standard situation or if you have a non-standard request.

Because audiovisual solutions from BIS|Econocom have a strong ICT component – think about device management via IP, video communication, narrowcasting and room management, for example - BIS|Econocom has gained considerable experience in the design, rollout, integration, protection, maintenance and hosting of all kinds of ICT projects for a wide variety of organisations. We would be delighted to be your partner for domotics and building management, queue management and space reservation, for example. But we would also be pleased to look after the task of creating networks for you which we can do based on both an on-premises and hosted model.

BIS|Econocom also has a development team of senior developers who can program high-quality customised links and simple plug-ins to make your ICT systems easier to use and consequently indispensable to your efforts to achieve effectiveness and save on costs. Got a good idea for an app? BIS|Econocom can develop it for you. Want to link your FMIS system to your information displays? The developers at BIS|Econocom will know how to do that for you.

In short: BIS|Econocom is your ideal partner for ICT & development projects too.

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