Motion design, l'animation et la visualisation 3D

If you allow the information about BIS|Econocom Digital Productions to sink in a bit, you will discover that BIS|Econocom Digital Productions is your professional partner for the conceptualisation, design and creation of your videos, digital signage content, multimedia presentations and apps. However, that is not all. We develop not only all these digital productions, we can also provide the icing on the cake for you.

As is the case, BIS|Econocom also has in-house specialists in the field of motion design, animations and 3D visualizations. In other words, we can add all kinds of elements to your videos, presentations and content or modify existing elements in such a way that you will be able to increase the level of attention, keep the audience focused longer and realise more impact. And that is precisely what you want! Do you want to draw extra attention to a specific part in your corporate video? Do you want to have a speaking animation in your corporate video? Or would you prefer a wonderful 3D visualization in your app? Trust the specialists of BIS|Econocom Digital Productions to get it done right for you. Read more.

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