3D visualisation

Differentiate yourself. Visualize your projects in 3D!

The details are very important most of the time. This also applies to getting orders or enthusing colleagues, suppliers, sponsors, etc. That is exactly why you will quite probably want your projects or objects you offer to clients or stakeholders to look as realistic and as pretty as possible. You can achieve that with 3D visualisation. You can show objects from every possible angle, which is visually powerful and very effective! You’ll create the best possible experience.

The specialists at BIS|Econocom Digital Productions will gladly take care of your 3D visualisation or animation. Our 3D design is so realistic that it looks like a polaroid, but schematic drawings are also possible. Or what about a virtual reality animation, visualising your building projects very impressively. The possibilities are practically endless. We will work together with you on your project, no matter the size and whether it’s a product or a piece of architecture.

In short: all you need to present your object professionally in 3D. You will make it real with BIS|Econocom.

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