Smart Meeting Room Signage

Smart Meeting Room Signage

Would you like to save costs and yet improve your services? Find out how this is possible by optimising your meeting facilities with information screens.

Saving costs through by smart innovation

Last year, as many as 67% of the facility organisations was commissioned to save an average of 9.4% in costs (research by Twijnstra & Gudde). This year it will not be very different. The most obvious way to achieve this is to cut costs. This saves money immediately, but it is often at the expense of the level of service.

It is much better to look for innovative solutions. The use of new technology offers plenty of opportunities to cut costs as well as to improve the service. It is not without reason that the use of (new) technology and data is seen by 42% of the Facility Managers as the leading trend in 2017.

Efficient use of meeting rooms

From experience we know that uncertainty about the availability of meeting rooms and wandering visitors looking for the right space brings to (hidden) costs. Do you also experience this? Then even you can save costs through innovation. Optimise the use of your meeting facilities through the use of public information screens. By displaying specific information – this is called narrowcasting or digital signage – you can digitalise your existing facility services, organize your processes more efficiently and more effectively and communicate in an optimal customer-oriented manner.

Smart Meeting Room Signage with BIS ID narrowcasting

Precisely by optimising the use of your spaces and any other square metres as well as by preventing wandering visitors and colleagues, BIS|Econocom has developed Smart Meeting Room Signage. This smart concept – that uses the BIS ID narrowcasting platform – combines large information screens on central locations with small displays near the entrance of the meeting room(s). The screens can be linked to your existing FMIS system, allowing room planning to be displayed automatically. The power of Smart Meeting Room Signage also means that the automated information display is combined with (interactive) wayfinding.

Our Smart Meeting Room Signage solution offers you:

  • Saving on your housing costs (through the optimal use of meeting facilities)
  • Saving by avoiding duplication of effort (e.g. through direct link with FMIS)
  • Saving by preventing errors and ambiguities
  • No inconvenience. No hassle. All-in-one platform, plug-and-play, simple, fast and safe.
  • Innovative image to visitors and employees

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