Touchscreens; dynamism and interactivity in the classroom

Touch screens are characterised by their high image quality, a wide viewing angle, high contrasts, high response speeds, low cost of ownership and a long service life. But perhaps most importantantly, these screens can be moved very easily and are therefore ideal for use in schools where a lot of work is performed in groups. Because touch screens are also available in smaller sizes, they are suitable for students who have difficulty in taking an overall view of a regular whiteboard.

Touch screens, also known as touch LCDs, interactive LCD screens, touch displays, touch screen displays or digital whiteboards 2.0, can really enhance the education sector. That can also be seen from the huge demand for and huge supply of these screens. BIS|Econocom only supplies boards from well-known leading brands that have proved their worth time and time again and of which we can guarantee the outstanding quality (even in the long term). Naturally, you can also come to BIS|Econocom for various mounting solutions, software, accessories and, of course, for installation and user training.

Samsung Touch

Many primary schools already use global market leader Samsung's range of professional touch screens. Because these screens are characterised by precision and speed, they can be integrated very well into your lessons at all levels of primary, secondary and vocational education. Their dimensions also make these screens very suitable for lessons in smaller groups or for students who have difficulty in taking an overall view of a digital whiteboard.


Would you like to give classroom lessons at your school using touch screens whose dimensions are comparable with digital whiteboards? If so, we can offer you touch screens from Ctouch. These displays are available in really large sizes, including 70" LCD (178 cm), 70" LED (178 cm) and 82" LCD (208 cm).


OThe innovative displays from Legamaster, the e-Screens, are also offered by BIS|Econocom. The Legamaster Full HD LCD/LED touch screens can provide long-term solutions in demanding environments and are ideal for use in the classroom. The displays are available in several attractive dimensions and, as a result, are also highly suitable for smaller groups in primary education, for example.

Height-adjustable solutions

It is, of course, much easier if even the smallest children can work with the touch screen without having to perform gymnastic feats. BIS|Econocom therefore supplies various solutions to enable you to use your display at various working heights. These solutions give you all the ergonomic benefits without compromising on the elegant appearance of these displays. Your BIS|Econocom Education advisor will be delighted to tell you more about these systems’ possibilities and benefits.

Mobile systems

If you wish to use your touch screen in different places in your school or classroom, for example in order to give lessons in smaller groups or to allow pupils to work independently, a wheeled stand can provide a solution. BIS|Econocom offers various solutions for each size of touch screen. Some even include height adjustment.


Whether you want to use your touch screen in a mobile manner, in a fixed position or as a height-adjustable unit on the wall. BIS|Econocom will install your solution quickly, professionally and at a time that suits you best. Our VCA-certified technicians only leave when your system operates perfectly and all the mess has been cleared away. Obviously, you can also rely on BIS|Econocom for maintenance and support when breakdowns or faults occur. Read more about the many BIS|Econocom Education Services.


Just like a digital whiteboard, the software installed on the PC for a touch screen is also key to getting the best out of the display. BIS|Econocom offers various software packages for the education sector, both software from touch screen manufacturers and display-independent software. BIS|Econocom Education will be delighted to advise you on which software is most suitable for your school. We also arrange training for users in order to teach them to use the screen to optimum effect, from both a technical and an educational point of view.

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