Incident management room

Incident management room: constant oversight

BIS|Econocom specialises in equipping and furnishing intelligent crisis and incident management rooms. Rooms that give you optimum oversight and are equipped in a way that allows you to collect, visualise and distribute information at lightning speed and with maximum efficiency. We differentiate ourselves from competitors by creating the right balance between technology and the interior, resulting in an incident room that always looks calm and neat, however hectic the situation.

Briefing, instructing, sharing information interactively with several parties at different locations, providing feedback and communicating with the press... with BIS|Econocom all of this is possible! Regardless of the delivery resolution or image format. In the incident management rooms supplied by BIS|Econocom you can concentrate undisturbed on all aspects of the job at hand from A to Z. At least in relation to the equipment and visualisation of key information flows.

For example, multiple image display units can be integrated in your incident management room for displaying information from multiple sources such as PCs, laptop computers or tablets, a TV receiver and a hard disk recorder. Highly intuitive control panels allow you to determine which source is to be displayed on which screen at the time of your choosing. As a result, you can switch between and process different information flows quickly and effectively.

A digital board or an interactive display make it possible to share information inside the incident management room interactively, write on-screen notes, highlight important points or clarify issues. The professionally designed digital infrastructure can store these images directly and send them to other image display units, including displays at external locations. All of this is possible regardless of the delivery resolution or image format.

In an incident management room where every second counts, knowing that you can rely completely on your facilities and that the room's design guarantees the focus required to pick up even the smallest details is of vital importance.

So put your trust in BIS|Econocom when it comes to fitting out your incident and crisis management rooms.

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