Control room

High-end control rooms for monitoring your critical processes

Today's technological developments make it possible to monitor more and more processes remotely and control them centrally from control rooms. For example industrial processes in (chemical) factories, directing traffic at airports, railway stations and subway stations and centrally controlling bridges and locks on shipping routes.

BIS|Econocom specialises in equipping and furnishing high-quality control rooms where a combination of monitoring, control and communication tasks is performed. We are uniquely aware of the challenges of clearly and understandably presenting large quantities of information and various video and data sources so that immediate corrective action can be taken whenever necessary. For example, by using video walls and high-end control systems.

The communication power of a video wall is enormous. Thanks to an image display surface of, for example, 25 screens, you can easily display multiple types of (vital) information clearly and perfectly legibly in different size formats in your control room, allowing staff to gain a good understanding of a situation with just a quick glance.


The video walls from BIS|Econocom combine the right video wall processors with high-end LCD screens featuring ultra-narrow bezels so that the image on the video wall can be displayed with the minimum of disruption. Because the displays can be linked in any conceivable way, practically all shapes and image proportions are possible. So your video wall can be made to seamlessly match the possibilities of your control room.

Get in control. Let BIS|Econocom design and install your control room!

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