BIS renews audiovisual solutions at Heijmans

Do what you promise and stick to your agreements

No company can do without audiovisual solutions. Also Heijmans is aware of this. Twelve years ago the construction company moved to the head offices in Rosmalen. BIS was granted to install all audiovisual solutions Meanwhile, the technological possibilities have increased considerably since then. Therefore, Heijmans asked BIS to renew all audiovisual solutions. And successfully. The audiovisual facilities are now entirely up-to-date again.

Ten meeting rooms, an auditorium and a narrowcasting project were modified by BIS, to ensure that Heijmans is entirely up-to-date again in the field of audiovisual solutions. Because the technology is entirely processed inside the building and wireless connections are used, the systems have become exceptionally user-friendly. ‘The technology has developed rapidly in recent years. We have chosen to apply a new concept for the conference facilities’, says Jan Jochems, Facility and Procurement Manager at Heijmans.

The base of this new concept is Barco Clickshare: an innovative solution that allows for information from any laptop to be shared wirelessly on a presentation screen within ten seconds. The only thing that employees have to do, is to plug the Clickshare button in the USB connection of their laptop. ‘Previously it was always a hassle with cables and connectors that fitted or didn’t fit. Now everything is wireless and this is very convenient. It’s child’s play now’, says Jochems. Since the Clickshare solution has been introduced, nobody uses cables any more. The connections are still there, just in case, but they are no longer needed.

Safety first

In 2013 Heijmans started the Safety programme GO!, which stands for Zero Accidents. After all, working in construction entails risks. That’s why, at Heijmans safety is a key subject. Preventive measures are taken as much as possible. The GO! Programme has been set up to stimulate the correct attitude and behaviour. The narrowcasting system forms is one of the ways to inform employees.

‘Via screens we continuously provide our employees with information and insight on safety. There are screens on virtually every site and also at some construction projects. Through an App (the GO! APP) employees can report incidents’, says Jochems. The IF figures (Injury Frequency) and the number of accidents show him that the GO! Programme is effective. These have clearly declined since the programme has been running. You also see that the employees are more alert on safety by for example the number of reports of unsafe situations that has risen sharply.

BIS placed the screens on which the information is displayed and determined the lay-out together with Heijmans. In consultation it was also determined that the narrowcasting platform would run in a hosted environment. ‘This keeps the impact for the Heijmans IT environment as low as possible’, Jordan Wingers explains. He is a Senior Account Manager at BIS. The platform runs on BIS servers and the screens are automatically supplied with new content. All sites display the exact same information and the screens switch on and off at a fixed point in time. Heijmans employees can opt to adapt the presentations within the existing templates themselves. Wingers: ‘At the sites we can deviate from the standard content. You can for example indicate that today there will be a toolbox, or give weather warnings.’ At projects very specific project information on safety is displayed.

Self-supporting technology

By far the largest project that has been carried out in the last period, is the auditorium. The auditorium has been fully furnished and modernised by BIS. On the wall there is a small touch control panel listing the presets. For each situation the lighting, the projector and the sound are preset. With a press of a button the widescreen is switched on, a spot is pointed at the speaker’s chair or the projector is activated. The old control room is currently still used for the projector, but after the summer holiday the room will get a new destination. Meetings and events can also be recorded, that can be spread live or on-demand via the internet.

BIS provides the required materials, but this is by no means the only thing they do, says Jochems: ‘They also provide service, such as maintenance and repairs. Equipment that has been supplied by them, but also equipment that has not been supplied by them, is maintained by them. For us it is important that a supplier does what he promises and sticks to agreements, and they do.’

Before material is placed or maintenance is conducted, BIS always first holds a survey among the employees. At Heijmans this is preferably done during quiet periods, such as the summer, so the inconvenience for the staff is kept to a minimum. This additional service is why Heijmans has been collaborating with BIS for twelve years now. Jochems: ‘Audiovisual solutions are becoming more easily available and they are becoming increasingly transparent, yet BIS is still the preferred party for all our AV questions.’

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