Queuing systems

Waiting is more pleasant with a powerful queuing system

The software package enables BIS|Econocom to offer a professional solution for efficient and structured processing of queues. Queuing systems are suited to any situation and environment where people who are waiting need to be directed to the right window or counter. The concept consists of user-friendly software with extensive reporting and control functions, ticket dispensers to draw a number, LED signs and LCD screens; image carriers for clear display of the number/counter combinations, so every waiting person can see at which counter he/she is expected in just one glance.

Extensive monitoring and reporting functions

Automatic archiving of all data and the extensive reporting function that has been integrated in the system enables managers to keep track of various statistics in a simple manner. For example, you can easily retrieve data according to date, location, department, counter and even staff member. Would you like to know how many clients have been assisted on a particular day, the current average waiting time, the busiest time of day or which counter has assisted the most clients? You receive a clear overview of the data.

Distribute other information alongside queue information

Combining the smart system with the BIS ID digital signage concept enables you to realise a complete system in one go, which not only allows you to distribute queue information, but also all types of other information and infotainment. Waiting suddenly becomes a lot more enjoyable!

The system is also pleasant for your staff to use. From now on, they will only need to concentrate on speaking to and assisting visitors.

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