Outpatient clinic module

Outpatient Clinic Module for waiting time information

The ideal way to make waiting easier in outpatient clinics

The outpatient clinic module developed by BIS|Econocom is perfectly suited to informing customers in the waiting room in a good and timely manner – via LCD screens, information pillars or internet/intranet – regarding changes in doctors on duty and increasing waiting times (delays). This can also be done with colour codes, if required. Variations are also possible. For example, the doctors on duty are not displayed but only information such as any increasing waiting times or if they exceed a particular threshold.

The BIS ID Outpatient Clinic module has been developed with the user in mind and is characterised by its user-friendliness. For example, the outpatient receptionist can indicate with a single mouse click the doctors who are on duty and he/she has a hotkey to allow him/her to indicate in a simple manner that the waiting times are increasing for a particular doctor.

The information from the BIS ID Outpatient Clinic Module can also be easily combined with news, entertainment, tips & tricks, weather & traffic information etc., and therefore many people will perceive the waiting time in the outpatient clinic to be much less.

In brief, the BIS ID Outpatient module is an extremely versatile solution that allows you to both inform patients and clients in a functional manner about waiting times and doctors on duty and to make the waiting room more pleasant.

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