Appointments module

Online appointment module

Offer your visitors the possibility to take a number from home

BIS|Econocom has an extra weapon in your battle against queues: the BIS|Econocom Online Appointments module – our online appointment manager. From now on, your visitors and clients can make their own appointments via the internet for all kinds of services and transactions. Of course you determine which services can be booked online and the period in which appointments can be made.

You can find a list of the benefits below:

  • Your clients can arrange appointments themselves, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • It is extremely simple and intuitive to use. Suitable for everyone.
  • You can confirm the appointment by email or SMS message.
  • Double booking is not possible. Everyone uses the same diary.
  • All appointments are confirmed. You maintain active control.
  • Management information such as appointments per client or employee.
  • Deployment of your counter staff can be managed extremely well.
  • Avoid peaks and troughs in the flow of the public.
  • Avoid unnecessary waiting time for your clients.
  • Can be linked to all available queue management systems.
  • Especially simple to install and cost effective.

All in all, these are very sound reasons why you should move over to the online appointment modules by BIS|Econocom. The price is no obstacle either.

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