Benefit from greater involvement and active participation

A Twitter fountain – also called a Twitter wall – presents an attractive visual display of all the tweets for a keyword of your choice and is highly suitable for use during your event. Because all the tweets related to your event are displayed on a large screen, you can increase the level of involvement of your visitors and encourage them to participate actively.

You can engage in effortless dialogue with your visitors by reacting to tweets or by asking questions yourself using the #tag for your event. A Twitter fountain also allows you to easily gauge the reactions in the audience or send information to your visitors. For example, by tweeting “We will resume the #nameevent programme at 14.20 hours”. To sum up; a Twitter fountain really adds value, both for you and for the people visiting your company event. It is innovative, interactive and simply fun…

Event Rental is experienced in displaying Twitter fountains, provides the equipment for displaying the tweets, enters the keywords you select and designs the templates (backgrounds) in your company style that are used to present the tweets. It is even possible to add widgets and RSS feeds to these templates (e.g. weather and traffic information).

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