(Multiple) camera registration with video control

You are bound to have seen them before: professional cameras mounted at strategic points around a conference room or symposium hall that enable everything happening on the podium or in the room to be displayed on large screens. This is ideal for gatherings in larger rooms or when the audience is spread across several rooms.

BIS|Econocom supplies these cameras together with the required tripods, podium management systems and switchers. In addition to renting individual cameras, we can also organise all of the video direction and editing aspects for you. Equipment in a special mobile control booth can be used to switch optimally between the images delivered by the different cameras and ensure perfect presentation of your event to your public.

Immortalise your event

In addition, you may want to have a mood video of your day produced that starts with the arrival of your guests and captures informal moments. Or to film quotes made by your guests which you can show in edited form in the auditorium at a later stage. The possibilities are endless and we like to contribute our ideas and expertise as well.

All of the recordings can be edited after the event by BIS|Econocom Digital Productions to produce exactly the video you want. Whether you want a video of your event from minute to minute on Blu-ray, or a short compilation lasting 1.5 minutes as a promotional tool... We produce it for you.

Obviously, images that are recorded during your event can be broadcast via live or on-demand webcasting on the Internet. More information on this subject is available on our special webcasting page.

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