BIS ID link with TomTom

Display the Estimated Time of Arrival in large format on information screens

As everyone in the transport industry knows… time is a major factor. In order to be of optimal service to your clients, you need to collect and unload cargo on time. Preferably with the shortest possible waiting time for the driver and the fastest possible handling by the employees of the logistics centre. Incidentally, this is not only important for your clients, but also for yourself. After all, time is money. The BIS ID TomTom connector helps you save time.

From the TomTom GPS navigation, to the big screen

We don’t need to explain the benefits of modern navigation systems. As a transport company, you are fully familiar with this. Your planners will also probably be able to track exactly where your lorries are, where they are heading to and what their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is. And it is precisely this ETA that is crucial for the continuation of the logistics process. How neat would it be if not only your planners and drivers knew the expected time of arrival, but you could make it known to all the people and departments involved? Quite simply: through big information screens!

Fully automated and real-time ETA display

Imagine the benefits … There is a cargo on its way to a logistics complex. All parties involved in cargo discharging and loading/shipping can see in real-time on big digital information screens when the cargo arrives exactly. Everyone can prepare for the arrival of lorries in time. When the driver reports upon arrival, everyone is ready to start and unloading can be started immediately. No more unnecessary lost time. There is hardly any other way to be more efficient. Certainly not because the ETA depiction is fully automated.

Smart connection with BIS ID narrowcasting

Certainly, not every narrowcasting system is capable of displaying data from a navigation system. However, the BIS ID system is. The BIS ID Content Runner (= the CMS) has been developed in such a way that it can relatively easily be linked to all kinds of different types of databases. Even if it is a navigation system, even if it is a TomTom. Indeed, the BIS|Econocom developers have written a standard link to connect to the TomTom database: the BIS ID TomTom connector.

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