Impressive content gives your digital signage extra power

News, weather, traffic, train and market information that is reliable and legal on your LCD

As your professional partner for digital signage (narrowcasting), we like to take you and ourselves seriously. That is why we have made arrangements with a number of prominent providers of “service information” which you can distribute via your digital signage solution. We offer you this information in the form of BIS|Econocom widgets. You can take out a subscription for these widgets.

BIS|Econocom Widgets allow you to display news (text, photo and/or video), weather data, traffic information, train times and market rates from noted providers. Precisely the types of information that touch "everyday lives" and are therefore relevant for everyone that walks past your digital signage solution (LCD screen(s)). Your information becomes more appealing and it attracts more attention.

You can choose from three information stream “packages”:

  • Mobility: hosting, news, weather, traffic and train
  • Finance: hosting, news, news video and AEX
  • All-in: hosting plus all types of information

At the same time you will enjoy a number of special benefits:

  • You are absolutely assured that the information you distribute with your BIS|Econocom Widget via your system has been legally obtained. You therefore stay in safe waters, legally speaking.
  • At the same time you minimise the chance that the format of the information changes or that the information feed is stopped. This means that you minimise the risk of your screens “going black”.

You read it, you see it...there are plenty of options for enhancing the content of your digital signage solution with various types of relevant and fun information, which allow you to make a special gesture towards your colleagues, visitors, etc. If people enjoy it, they will value and remember it!

Order your widget subscription today and choose for legal reliability. Choose from one of the aforementioned packages or see the BIS|Econocom content concepts.

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