Total Telepresence: create a total video experience

Total Telepresence is a term used to describe a video conferencing solution in which participants are given the idea that they really are sitting at the table with the other meeting participants, whereas in fact they are in totally different locations. This experience can only be created because all the Total Telepresence rooms all over the world are furnished and equipped in an identical manner. The participants sit at an identical table, in a room where the walls are the same colour, the lighting is the same and the floor and ceiling are finished in the same way.

With telepresence you look your caller into the eyes

Of course the equipment also plays a major role. Total Telepresence makes use of large screens which display life-size images of the participants. Furthermore, high definition cameras are positioned so that you can look the person you are speaking to right in the eyes and see facial expressions; crucial for commercial discussions and negotiations at the ‘virtual table’. Naturally, the sound is of perfect quality and you can share information such as Excel files or PowerPoint presentations simply and easily with all the participants.

Compatible with all other types of videoconference systems

A unique feature of the BIS|Econocom Total Telepresence solutions is that they are easy to interface with all standard video conference systems, regardless of the brand, network capacity or bandwidth and with no adverse effects on quality.

Experience Telepresence yourself! Sit at the virtual conference table

We can go on for hours describing the benefits, possibilities and sublime quality but we would prefer to show you what we mean. The quality and possibilities are so unprecedented that you really need to experience this for yourself. So please visit us and find out what it’s like to draw up a chair at this virtual meeting table.

Experience the added value of Total Telepresence for yourself. You will be surprised!

Free advice on using Telepresence within your organisation

Would you like more information on Telepresence within your organisation? Or free and obligation-free personal advice? Please call BIS|Econocom on +31 180 - 486 777 or fill in the contact form. Our advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

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