Sound Shower

Sound Shower: focused audio for optimum privacy

The Sound Shower is literally a shower of sound. A special (ceiling-mounted) speaker system with a sensor broadcasts an audio message (speech/music) in a specific place. You only hear the sound when you are underneath the speaker, as soon as you leave the “shower”, the message is no longer audible. People in the direct vicinity of the Sound Shower do not hear anything, meaning that several different sound flows can be combined in a space without leading to interference or chaos. This makes this intelligent audio system suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Ideal for museums and exhibitions

The possibilities of the Sound Shower are almost infinite. For example, the Sound Shower can be used in museums and exhibitions for providing background information on objects such a work of art. As soon as a visitor stops to look at an object, the Sound Shower registers his/her presence and automatically triggers an audio message that can only be heard by the person standing at the work of art in question. This enhances the experience for the visitor without creating noise nuisance.

Sound Shower: also for commercial use

The Sound Shower is also an ideal tool for providing personalised commercial audio messages at exactly the right moment in showrooms and shops in order to boost sales. The Sound Shower can additionally be used to complement your narrowcasting campaign in order to further strengthen your branding. A display that visualises the right message in the right way is a powerful tool; however, a combination of images, sound and scents that creates a unique brand experience for your target group has an even more powerful effect.

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