Halls and auditoriums

Equipping of lecture halls and auditoriums

Almost every secondary school/higher education institution has at least one auditorium or lecture hall. Rooms in which you can convey a message to a large group of people in a clear and impactful manner. In these rooms, an outstanding audio system, professional image reproduction and a user-friendly control system are essential.

Audio: acoustic measurement, simulation and advice

In an auditorium or lecture room, professional audio is very important, but is often quite complicated. In these large spaces there is a high risk of sound reverberating against floors and ceilings or acoustic feedback via microphones. In order to prevent this, BIS|Econocom often conducts an extensive sound audit in advance and will test the recommended solution in a simulated environment. The result is optimal reproduction of both speech and music.

High-end projection

Given their dimensions, auditoriums and lecture rooms often demand large screen projection. BIS|Econocom has various high-end projectors in its product range that are definitely suited for this type of environment. The projectors consist of high quality technology and are characterised by their high resolutions and luminosity (more than 10,000 ANSI lumens). BIS|Econocom is more than happy to advise you which projector is the most suitable for your auditorium or lecture room.


BIS|Econocom makes it possible to operate all the equipment in the room from behind your lectern. Separate remote controls are no longer necessary; one control panel takes care of all functions, such as starting the projector and DVD player, amplifying the sound, closing the curtains and dimming the light. These control systems are beautifully designed and can easily be integrated into your lectern, desktop or wall.

You can also entrust fitting out your lecture theatre and auditorium to BIS|Econocom. Don't hesitate, contact us today.

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