Audiovisual solutions with great added value for the classroom

No one can deny that there have been significant developments in the audiovisual and ICT field for the education sector in recent years. This is only logical, because the interactivity and impact offered by today's solutions make it possible, with less effort, to take the quality of lessons and lectures to a higher level. We are pleased to present you with a number of solutions that may also be of added value for your school.

In addition to the solutions for classrooms described on the other pages, BIS|Econocom equips your teaching facility with:

BIS|Econocom distinguishes itself in the market by offering these products not only as separate pieces of technology, but also by combining them into a single solution that fits the picture of your ideal learning environment.

Entrust fitting out your classroom to BIS|Econocom. Don't hesitate, contact us today.

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Regional Education Centre Amsterdam (ROCvA)

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