Hotel room

Hotel TV: efficient management of the ultimate multimedia experience

Are you looking for an impressive entertainment experience system for your guests in their luxurious rooms that exceeds all expectations? And you want to do that with a system that you can efficiently manage? BIS|Econocom has the answer with high-quality hotel TV solutions.

The user-friendly IP-based interactive displays, which form the central component in our Hotel TV solutions offer unparalleled entertainment with the option to connect multiple devices in one sleek, stylish profile that matches the interior of your room.

With this simple, integrated solution for hotel TV your guests can enjoy a superior entertainment experience, and you can continue with an efficient solution for display management within your budget. With this technology, your guests can enjoy information and entertainment. Such as Movies, music and games to news, weather, traffic and social networking.

Obviously it is not possible for guests to change the menu settings, or pick batteries from the remote control.

Hotel Logo and welcome messages

Increase the awareness of your hotel while you greet your guests, thanks to a unique hotel logo and customizable messages. Hotels can have their logo and welcome to display on the screen for an adjustable period of 3 to 7 seconds when guests turn on the television. The sending of a general or personal information addressed is a piece of cake.

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