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BIS|Econocom Remote Support is a useful tool which enables a Helpdesk ICT employee to see what you are doing.

How does it work?

You start the software with the link below. Then a connection is made with your computer and the computer at the Helpdesk, enabling the Helpdesk staff member to see what is happening on your screen. You can use BIS|Econocom Remote Support only while calling with a Helpdesk employee.

As soon as you close BIS|Econocom Remote Support, the connection between your computer and our Helpdesk is disconnected. Nothing is installed on your computer, so nothing is left behind on your computer.

How to start BIS|Econocom Remote Support?

After you start BIS|Econocom Remote Support, some questions will be asked:

  • After the question “Do you want to run or save this file?” Click Run.
  • After the question “Do you want to run this software?” Click Run again.
  • Provide the given ID-number and password to our Helpdesk employee.

Download BIS|Econocom Remote Support

More information about Support? We are happy to help:

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