Orange Cyberdefense ready for hybrid working

The computer networks of the Antwerp Police Department, the University of Antwerp and the Port of Antwerp are monitored from a striking green office tower next to the Albert Canal in Wijnegem. Orange Cyberdefense counts a large number of renowned customers in particular in the Antwerp area: Digipolis, Antwerp Police Department, University of Antwerp, Port of Antwerp, Heilig Hart Hospital in Lier, P&V (Vivium), Pidpa,…

This office was adapted to the requirements of the new way of working post/during Covid-19. This customer therefore sees the new office as a social meeting hub that better connects colleagues with each other. “Our people enjoy a scenic view across forests and water. The beating heart of the new building is the fourth floor, which we have designed as a meeting place. Here people can have lunch, consult each other or relax with a pinball machine or darts”, says Veerle Claes, executive assistant at Orange Cyberdefense.

Digital reception

As an organization you want to leave a modern and professional impression on your visitors. A traditional reception with a paper list of visitors is no longer reality today. Both the expectations of your customer and privacy legislation require modern solutions for visitor reception. With a system for digital visitor registration you streamline the entire process, from invitation to departure and you ensure a professional image to your visitors; one hundred percent GDPR-proof. In the current situation, this reception is almost always unmanned. No problem at all, thanks to the tablet present. Visitors can register themselves completely independently, take a picture for the badge and print it afterwards. The system informs the host (by e-mail or text message) that his or her visitor is waiting downstairs.

Desk booking & Room booking

If the past period has made anything clear to large companies with office environments, it is that the 'new way of working' is taking on its own meaning. Remote working has become normal. But the need for personal contact remains. To organize this in a safe way, managers can easily determine the maximum capacity per room (and floor) in the building and grant access to employees. They can also specify how far in advance employees can reserve a room or a spot. These employees can easily book their working hours via an app at home or in the office. They just have to open the app and enter the days and locations of their choice.

In addition, there is also a digital kiosk at the reception to book an (available) desk or room ad hoc. To cut a long story short: manage the available office capacity in a flexible way and let employees book their own workplace with user-friendly software. In addition, spread employees evenly throughout the building so that everyone can keep a safe distance from each other.

Digital Signage

The Covid-19 measures seem to remain a dynamic fact. It continues to be a challenge to constantly provide correct information to the visitors and colleagues. Signage displays in the hallways and coffee corners are effective. The willingness of the visitors to follow the measures also directly increases. If the measures change, does your communication immediately follow? In that case you modify the message through our cloud platform on one or more displays simultaneously. Seven displays have been chosen at strategic locations.

Meeting rooms

All solutions in the meeting rooms comply with the MTR (Microsoft Teams Rooms) standards. The user experience for people working in the office had to be as uniform as possible for Orange Cyberdefense. Does that mean that we have installed the same systems all over the place? Not at all, thanks to the Teams certified devices (laundry) list we can design rooms totally custom-made with completely different hardware (on paper), but where the user, after having connected his/her laptop, always sees the same interface and options.

The large boardroom was equipped with an 85” Samsung FLiP, Lumens 4K camera, Biamp Parlé microphones and a ClickShare Conference unit for a wireless connectivity with the room and its peripherals. The more compact rooms use Poly Studio video bars in combination with ClickShare Conference. In addition, some 55” mobile Samsung FLiPs are present that can easily be moved from one meeting room to another.

Control room

Orange Cyberdefense offers four SoC and support functions managed by leading security product experts. They proactively manage equipment at customers' premises and prevent downtime. In case of incidents they provide advice on the basis of their product knowledge and experience. To ensure an overview, a Samsung 2x2 video wall is used that allows various image sources to be easily combined.

Thank you!

BIS|Econocom is proud of this beautiful project and wishes all employees of Orange Cyberdefense a lot of success in using these hybrid office solutions. Do you also want (hybrid) collaboration with the greatest comfort? Do not hesitate to contact us today.

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