FC Utrecht; Skybox of the future

We joined forces together with BIS to further optimise the experience of visitors in our beautiful De Galgenwaard stadium. We additionally had the ambition and desire to realise a skybox of the future and to have the stadium serve as a meeting centre. BIS took this challenge professionally, with great results. – FC Utrecht

Fantastic experience

In order to prepare the FC Utrecht stadium for the future, the design of De Galgenwaard was thoroughly overhauled. In addition to this true metamorphosis, high-quality audio-visual equipment, including impressive video walls and professional audio solutions, have been integrated in the stadium. These image and sound reproduction solutions are combined with a smart narrowcasting solution and a high-end IPTV system, which presents live TV images and all kinds of other information in a visually attractive way. This creates a fantastic experience before, during and after the matches.

Available 365 days a year

BIS also set up nine business lounges with professional equipment for interactive meetings and presentations. It is appealing that the lounges are both multifunctional as well as future-proof thanks to the all-digital infrastructure and 4K image carriers. Furthermore, several rooms can be switched to a large(r) room, so that FC Utrecht has a more than suitable space available for every type of meeting. The daily (commercial) availability of these areas will make a positive contribution to the revenue of FC Utrecht.

Future Skybox

But BIS did much more … inspired by the vision of FC Utrecht to take the experience around football and considering different options to bring the stadium to a higher level, one of the skyboxes was furnished by BIS as the skybox of the future. Apart from the elements that promote an atmosphere of friendliness and professional hospitality, BIS integrated state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, including a solution for video conferencing and versatile presentation equipment. The result of this complete make-over is that the multifunctional skybox can now also be used on non-running days for a wide range of applications.

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