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“We looked for the combination of innovation and appearance for the meeting room facilities in our newly-built property. BIS has completed our wishes wonderfully. The room meets all our needs and enhances our corporate identity. We are happy to take this opportunity to pay a compliment to both the advisor and interior architect from BIS. They worked out exactly what it was that we wanted from the room.” - Base Logistics.

Base Logistics is a logistics service provider focussed on Transportation Management, Warehouse Management and Data Management. The company offers an international network of transport and warehousing partners in conjunction with a team of logistics specialists and a unique logistics application; their objective is to make logistics simple, efficient and controllable for their customers. Innovation is a core value of Base Logistics, especially through the smart use of IT capabilities.

Room design

Innovation in the genes

But the fact that there is a natural urge for innovation at Base Logistics is not the only thing that Base Logistics customers notice. The employees also benefit. A good example of this is the wonderful meeting room that BIS developed for Base Logistics in the newly-built property that was recently opened in Moerdijk. A room with interactive technology and fully prepared for the future. One striking feature is the lounge corner (bar): first of all due to its beautiful design, and then the particular parallels with the integrated meeting furniture that can be seen.

Inspiration in the showroom

The ideas to set up the Logistics Base conference room with a sleek, drop-shaped conference table in combination with an interactive 98-inch (249 cm) display were born in the BIS showroom in Ridderkerk. The collaboration experience room in the showroom there turned out to be a source of inspiration for the decision makers at Base Logistics. The meeting room set-up, the shape of the table, the sight lines, and the lighting have all been recreated 1-to-1 in the meeting room in Moerdijk.

Interaction in large format

The 98-inch (249 cm) monitor is the central point of this gorgeous room. Thanks to its full-HD resolution and impressive size, this monitor is visible to all participants, while the level of detail is outstanding. The 10-point touch technology in the display makes it possible to deliver interactive presentations, make notes on the screen, consult remote information sources, and to email all the information, including notes, to all participants with a simple touch of the screen. The benefits of this type of interaction ensures participants feel more involved, making decision-making go faster and smoother.

Prepared for the future

In order to be able to take part in international meetings in the (near) future without having to travel, the room is being set up so that a video conferencing solution can be easily integrated. Thanks to the shape of the table, all participants are visible to the camera (and are not in each other's line of sight). In addition, the special lighting above the conference table produces a diffused, indirect light, which means the participants in future video conferences will be well-lit without the hard shadows that cause people to look tired very quickly.

How about a spot of relaxation after the meeting?

The interactive meeting room is made extra special thanks to the lounge corner, which is an integral part of the room. The wall unit contains a nice bench for sitting, and the bar has been designed in the exact same shape as the conference table. How about a spot of relaxation after a tough meeting? It's possible at Base Logistics. Thanks to the shape of the bar and stools, it's possible to talk about what was discussed during the meeting and exchange ideas in a more informal setting.

Proud interior designer

Nicoline van Egmond, the BIS interior designer who designed the meeting room and lounge area for Base Logistics, is proud of the end result: “We worked intensively with the customer during the design phase. After we had made a list of the needs and requirements, we entered the design phase. During this phase, I drew up floor plans, developed proposals for the furniture, equipment, use of colour and level of finish. After getting the go-ahead, I zoomed in on the details and worked the entire design out in terms of the technology required. It's a wonderful experience to be a part of a process such as this and to see your own design come to life. And I get even more satisfaction if the customer is happy as well.”

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