We wanted to integrate high-quality audiovisual solutions into our new building; both in terms of quality and functionality, usability and finish. In addition, we wanted the video conference room, the informal meeting places, the demonstration kitchen and the solution for digital signs to enhance the appearance of the property, which we hoped would be transferred onto the identity of De Bioderij. – De Bioderij

De Bioderij considers its mission to be to produce well-crafted, ready-to-eat food that has the same taste and quality as if it were prepared at home. Perfection and passion are core values. All De Bioderij employees are passionate about is producing tasty products. Perfection is defined, for example, as the batter being perfectly prepared and baked. And this is achieved in the perfect conditions in De Bioderij. Efficient, hygienic and always with the best ingredients and materials.

Perfection is of paramount importance

The fact that perfection is very important to De Bioderij is also evident from the design of the new building that was opened recently. Everything works, every detail has been taken care of. This is why BIS felt very privileged to contribute to De Bioderij's renewal of their audiovisual solutions for meetings, video conferencing, provision of information and digital signs (narrowcasting). And the result is great.

During the initial meetings, it soon became clear that De Bioderij had chosen BIS because the integration of the audiovisual solutions needed to be of high quality - qualitatively and in terms of functionality, usability and finish. In addition there was also a strong desire that the video conference room and informal meeting places, as well as the demonstration kitchen and the digital sign solution (narrowcasting) would strengthen the look of the property; and thus the identity of De Bioderij.

Signal transfer and speech intelligibility

Together, a BIS consultant and a BIS account manager compared the different options and eventually chose the best option for De Bioderij. All the solutions are based on the latest signal transmission, control and (wireless) connectivity technologies. Also, a lot off attention has been paid to the improvement of the sound and the optimisation of speech intelligibility.

Informal, pleasant and with an atmosphere

Walking through the property, you can feel it. Multiple informal meeting areas combined with large-sized LCD screens are located throughout the property. Some are equipped with a long table and low chairs, others with a high table and stools. A single spot even has the atmosphere of a reading corner. Everything invites you to sit down, to discuss and exchange ideas and decisions in a casual, approachable and open atmosphere. The spacious corridors, large windows and panoramic view of the Merwede river further enhance the pleasant, open atmosphere.

LCD screens with dual function

The LCD screens integrated into the seating areas have a dual function. They can be used for brief meetings, or to deliver a presentation to a small number of colleagues (or business contacts). But if they are not being actively used in a meeting, the screens are part of a remotely-accessible, centrally-controlled narrowcasting solution, that allows all types of interesting news (for example, concerning the organisation, new developments, announcements, etc.) to be shared with employees and visitors of De Bioderij. All this will be in line with the corporate identity and enhanced by the weather forecast and traffic information.

High-quality infrastructure in meeting rooms

To facilitate and support formal meetings professionally within De Bioderij, there are a number of meeting rooms furnished with a large format LCD screen for a crisp, detailed and easy-to-view image. Connection points are integrated into the table for easy connection to the wired “sources”, while the Barco ClickShare buttons make it possible – literally at the touch of a button – to connect equipment to the presentation screen wirelessly. This is especially useful for any participant who wishes to show something to the other meeting participants from their tablet or smartphone. The AMX touch panels guarantee simple and clear operation of the equipment in the rooms, control of the volume, and operation of the lights.

Cross-border meetings

As part of an organisation that operates internationally, De Bioderij employees also meet with many colleagues, clients and suppliers from abroad. The superbly appointed collaboration room provides the perfect facilities. The full-HD video camera, the high-quality infrastructure, the special shape of the table and the indirect light, in combination with the touch control panel - create the perfect setting for high-quality meetings with participants at a different location and/or in a different time zone.

State-of-the-art audio in showroom

Thought has not only gone into making the audiovisual environment pleasant for De Bioderij employees. The provision of information to customers and other visitors has also been optimised. This is not only via the BIS ID narrowcasting solution described earlier, but also with support from the beautiful exhibition rooms with demonstration kitchens that - in addition to the multiple digital information screens - are equipped with a fantastic, multi-function BOSE audio system for wonderful music and speech clarity.

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