KWR Watercycle Research Institute

"In our newly constructed premises we wanted to realise innovative meeting and presentation solutions. Obviously, these solutions had to meet our requirements and wishes in the field of transparency and knowledge sharing. BIS gladly accepted our assignment and successfully implemented our wishes". - KWR Watercycle Research Institute

KWR Watercycle Research Institute generates knowledge so the water industry can handle water wisely and cleverly in our urbanised society. KWR feels a professional and social responsibility for water. The scientific findings and the practical innovations arising from this responsibility, contribute globally to the quality and sustainable availability of water in the urban water cycle.

User-friendly and high quality

Recently KWR has opened an entirely new premises. For this special and compellingly new construction project BIS was asked to organise the furnishing of several meeting, consultation and communication rooms. The assignment that BIS got was to equip the new location with user-friendly and quality solutions to inform, hold meetings, give presentations, cooperate interactively and to brainstorm.

Green, transparency and knowledge sharing

From the first talk it was clear that KWR had a clear vision on using the building and the preferred applications and options in the audiovisual & IT field. In the new building green, transparency and knowledge sharing is paramount. The multifunctional use of the audiovisual solutions was a prerequisite.

Warm welcome via information screens

To receive visitors in an appealing and professionally way the entrance contains a system for smart information distribution (narrowcasting). On large format LCD/LED screens various types of information and notifications are displayed, which can be adapted at any time, from any remote location. Visitors are welcomed, news from the organisation is shared in an appealing manner and also service information on the weather and traffic is included.

A sleek design with a professional look

The design of the auditorium was created using clean lines, natural materials and hues and all peripheral devices and cabling hidden. A lockable cabinet contains all peripheral devices, connections and facilities. As a result the room has a quiet and professional look.

Interactive meeting rooms for 6 to 130 people

Audiovisual facilities have been installed in six meeting rooms to hold meetings, to hold presentations and to brainstorm interactively and dynamically with 6 to as many as 130 people. With a 55 inch Full HD touch screen (140 cm.) participants can give interactive presentations and share and edit the content on the screen. The table contains an integrated cable system for connecting laptops and other equipment, without loose cables running through the room. This prevents cable break, tripping hazard and dust accumulation and the rooms looks very clean.

Stimulating and pleasant environment

The presentation solution is user-friendly with a control panel. Because the equipment is partly integrated in the BIS VisionLine furniture a pleasant and stimulating work environment is created with a pleasant professional look and powerful technological features.

Efficiently booking and managing rooms

Also the various meeting rooms have been equipped with an Evoko Room Manager to efficiently book and manage rooms. The touch display near every room informs the users on site about the scheduling and availability of the meeting room. Also at the room, via an App on a smartphone or a tablet or from a PC the meetings can be scheduled or changed. Thanks to the coloured LED bezel at a distance it is visible whether the room is occupied or not.

BNA best Building of 2016

With these solutions BIS has optimally responded to the question of KWR. Flexibility, quality and user-friendliness without losing the functionality. Recently the building has been declared winner of the BNA best Building of the year 2016 award in the category ‘stimulating environments’. We are proud of the fact that we have contributed this to the audiovisual field.

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