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auditorium met regieruimte

After having worked together successfully before, Haga asked BIS to also implement their audiovisual equipment for the advanced and multifunctional auditorium, which was designed in collaboration with Architecten aan de Maas. This project contained high-end projection, sound amplification, theater lighting, stage and central control room; a project which has been accepted completely by BIS and has been successfully finalized.

An important element in the space is the lectern. This lectern has been especially designed by BIS, suits the auditorium perfectly and offers space for the necessary audiovisual equipment. On top of the lectern there are two extra monitors with a Creston control panel built in the middle. The presenter can with the help of these monitors always see the image, which the audience sees via the projector. The lectern is also equipped with a microphone, an integrated keyboard and presentation PC, modern connection options and concealed wheels for optimal mobility.

A central part of the audiovisual infrastructure is the Digital Media solution of Creston, through which all equipment is connected to each other and with which – via the built-in control panel – the equipment and lighting can be managed. Creston is one of the largest producers of the advanced audiovisual management- and automatizing systems in the world, and the systems are characterized by their high quality and ease of usage. In the Haga auditorium, numerous settings have been preset in the Creston system, which makes the usage simple and accessible for all users. With one touch of the touch panels the projectors will be turned on or off, the blu-ray player can be started, or the input source can be changed. But it is also possible to manage the volume or to dim the lights.

auditorium met regieruimte

For the audience, presentations are seen via two Christie 3-chip DLP projectors. These projectors have an illumination power of 10,000 ANSI Lumen, which means the images are very clear, true to reality and full of details; in spite of the size of the auditorium. Because of the double lamp-integration, the projectors will keep working even if one of the lights breaks, so that nobody will experience problems with this while presenting.

Large areas ask for specific needs regarding sound installations because of the reflection of the sound. That is why the Haga auditorium is equipped with special audio equipment, which greatly reduces the reflection of sound. Since the auditorium is used for many purposes, the front of the room offers two audio-connection points. Here you can easily connect an audio installation from a third party, such as music instruments, extra microphones, as well as an iPod or other music source.

In the control room, two monitors are placed which offers the same image as the projectors, so that the “directing employee” has a good overview of what is being projected. A third monitor offers a preview function, so that the content of a PC and/or Blu-ray player can be prepared for later presentations. The control room also offers a Creston control panel, with an even more extensive functionality than the one of the lectern.

auditorium met regieruimte

In a forum setup, speech amplification of course is needed. The BIS discussion system with connectable microphone posts is ideal for this. There is an on/off button, so that the only “open” microphone is the one of the person speaking. The cameras in the auditorium register all images for digital archives or connection to the foyer or IPTV, where people can follow what is happening in the auditorium live.

Finally, the auditorium has been equipped with energy-efficient and non-maintenance LED spotlights, with the help of a truss professional, for a professional and powerful light distribution and the possibility to put people or happenings “in the spotlight”. Furthermore, the foyer is equipped with four BOSE speakers which have been concealed in the ceiling. Management of the foyer happens through a freely programmable panel.

With this fully equipped auditorium, Haga Hospital can go into the future with a lot of confidence. BIS feels privileged to be allowed to realize this project, too, for the Haagse Haga Hospital.

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