Linde Gas

ontwerp en inrichting vergaderruimte met videoconference

Linde Gas Benelux produces and supplies industrial, medicinal, foodstuff and speciality gases, gas mixtures and food freezing agents, with associated equipment, systems and services in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The management of Linde Gas Benelux wanted to realise a completely furnished and innovative meeting room that would respect the Linde corporate identity.

From the floor covering to the painting and from the ceiling (including lighting) to the audiovisual equipment; everything has been supplied by BIS. The BIS VisionWall (secondary wall) with two integrated 65-inch touch LCD screens covers an entire wall in the room, which gives a spacious feeling. A video conference camera has been concealed behind a small flap in the VisionWall, which appears with one push of a button. The speakers have also been incorporated in the wall. The base cabinets partially stick out in front of the wall, so that this looks less deep. The cabinets may be used to store 19-inch control equipment, but also for general storage. At the back of the room is a wall visualisation measuring two metres wide.

ontwerp en inrichting vergaderruimte met videoconferenceontwerp en inrichting vergaderruimte met videoconference

Luxaflex Duette blinds have been hung behind the blue decorative curtains, because there is a lot of light coming into the room. The Duette ensures there is beautiful, filtered white light in the room, so that the room remains light but there is no direct sunlight coming in. The Wilkhahn table was custom-made especially for this room. Due to the size of the room, the table is 5.6 metres long and 1.65 metres wide. There are Cable Cubbies concealed under the flaps in the table, so no cables are visible and yet laptops and other input sources can be connected up. The Touchlink control panel enables central control of all equipment in the room.

All in all, a nice and multifunctional room that meets the expectations of the client and entirely provided by BIS.

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