Ongoing collaboration in these dark days

20-03-2020 12:11

The coronavirus has been dominating the headlines for weeks and is now leaving a strong mark on our global economy. As a result of the uncertainty, the Dow Jones Index fell almost 1,200 points on February 27; the highest point drop in one day in history. Factories close, business trips are curtailed and events and conferences are cancelled for fear of escalation and a pandemic. Some companies, such as Twitter, insist or even require employees to work from home.

Minimize negative impact

It seems easy to hitch a ride on the coronavirus insecurity, but - to be honest - the question arises... How do you deal with emergencies and how do you minimize the negative impact on your organization? Whether it's a virus, natural disaster or any other disruptive event... Is your organization set up to be able to continue, even if colleagues can't be together physically?

Not just attractive, but strictly necessary

We believe in the power of collaboration. And we are not the only one; just take a look at the share of Zoom, a developer of videoconferencing software. The share was able to show impressive numbers on the falling stock exchanges, rising from $70 at the end of January to as much as $130 in the first week of March. An increase mainly attributed to the fact that videoconferencing has become not only attractive but also necessary for the professional industry.

Ongoing collaboration

To continue to function as an organization, even when offices are closed, employees need reliable collaboration tools. Solutions, such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams ensure that employees stay in touch and can easily work together, regardless the distance or time zone. From joint editing of documents to video meetings... this kind of versatile software offers the complete package to ensure collaboration. A great bonus is that these applications can also be easily linked to the physical meeting rooms, so that collaboration can also take place within and between groups. The experience is the same at every location and type of device. Talent continues to be used and the impact of external factors on the organization is minimized.

Not limited to a contingency plan

Digital collaboration tools in the workplace should not only be part of a contingency plan. This is the way successful organizations work today and one of the main reasons why companies can so easily expand (internationally) and attract the talent that drives their success. While we all hope that emergencies never affect our work environment, situations like the coronavirus prove the value of collaboration. An organization that has the right tools at hand enables employees to share ideas and continue to create value that leads to growth at all times. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of collaboration for your organization? Download our White Paper Collaboration.

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