More than a breakthrough in the field of video conferencing!

29-08-2014 13:54

Even though new technological advances are announced almost every day, there are not many product developments which truly impress us as a market leader in the field of Audiovisual, Video and ICT integration. But every now and then, we are pleasantly surprised and that is the case now with the introduction of the Cisco “SX10” Out Of The Box telepresence unit.

So what makes this video conference solution different from the many other developments that are ongoing in this area? The answer lies in the combination of a number of unusual aspects.

Firstly - assuming that your network has been set up in a suitable way - the fact that less than five minutes are required from the time you receive the box, which itself is very modest in size, to actually establishing an HD video connection with any person you want contact. Without even having to read a hefty manual. All you have to do is take the camera unit with the integral codec out of the box, connect a network cable and an HDMI cable and then click the unit onto the display of your choice. And if you attach the camera upside down for whatever reason, the system automatically corrects your error by rotating the image. The whole process is completely foolproof.

The second major advantage is the friendly price without having to compromise in terms of image quality. The SX10 costs less than the average LED display and is very affordable as a result. Where in the past low prices generally meant poor quality, that is absolutely not the case with this unit. You enjoy the detail and clarity of Full HD images combined with the ability to shoot both wide-angle views for a complete overview of the people you are addressing and close-ups of individual speakers. The major price barrier of the past that prevented (smaller) organisations from investing in video conference systems has now been completely removed.

When designing this product, Cisco's development brief focused on making everything as user-friendly as possible, including actual operation of the unit. Even a remote control is supplied with the unit as standard, it is not actually required to initiate a call. You can use your mobile telephone for this with the aid of a special app that is available for all types of smartphone. This app recognises that your device is in close proximity to a video conference unit and automatically asks you whether you want to contact one of the people in your telephone book. You select the person you want to speak to and a connection is established on the large LCD screen. This makes placing a video call as easy as making a normal telephone call.

In summary: the unparalleled ease of use in combination with unbeatable value for money makes the Cisco SX10 a truly revolutionary product in our eyes. This system brings the tremendous advantages of video conferencing within the reach of all organisations, whatever their size.

Do you want to see how childishly simple it is with your own eyes? View the presentation video.

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