BIS|Econocom takes over total control, you need to think of nothing

A lot of circumstances can occur at the events you organise. In these situations it is pleasant to have someone who knows exactly what the purpose is, what the various parties expect and who is able to direct all of these parties. Someone who oversees the entire situation, who is ready for questions and who makes sure that everything runs smoothly right down to the smallest detail. In short, someone who looks after the direction, so that you do not need to, allowing you to enjoy your own event.

In addition to a general director, an audiovisual director is also essential. This is someone for instance who knows the script, who ensures that the right microphones are open at the right time and that the various sources are switched on time so that you always give the correct information at the right time. BIS|Econocom professionals take care of this. They work discretely in the background and your guests will not even realise they are there. It is even possible to take care of the entire direction from a mobile booth located outside the event site.

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