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Create the ultimate experience for maximum productivity

BIS|Econocom believes in the power of individual experiences. So creating an individual experience is often a central element of our solutions. Sound is indispensable when creating this experience. Sound can create an atmosphere that bursts with energy or radiates tranquillity; it can make an open space feel private or make time pass more quickly when waiting in a queue.

The right sound has an important effect on your staff and visitors. Consequently, BIS|Econocom goes much further than simply providing the right audio facilities such as loudspeakers, amplifiers and acoustic measurements.

Creating a unique sound for your organisation

our music consultants — a team of producers, DJs and audio engineers — can create a sound that is unique to your brand or organisation; a sound that has been specially designed to achieve specific results. When doing so, our audio specialists use their many years of experience and their ability to perfectly anticipate music trends. Do you want to attract a specific type of visitor? Do you want to encourage your customers to stay on your sales floor or in your showroom for longer? Do you want to motivate your staff? Whatever your business objectives, BIS|Econocom creates the right sound for you.

Legal music in companies, shops, cafés and restaurants

Countless play lists of the most diverse genres such as pop, jazz, dance music, classical music, rhythm and blues, soul and world music are always available for all markets. But also play lists with a special theme for children, for example, or for aerobics, holiday and many other activities. The play lists are updated every 30 to 90 days in order to anticipate local trends and are available via various subscriptions.

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